A WEE COUNTY woman is hoping to track down two men who came to her husband’s aid as he suffered from a stroke.

Michael Dobbie, from Alloa, had a sudden stroke in 2021 as he was leaving the PureGym in Stirling, before two men noticed and called an ambulance for him.

Michael, 51, was sitting in his car and struggling to put his seat belt on when the two men, believed to be father and son, called emergency services to take him to hospital.

From there, he was taken to Forth Valley Hospital and transferred to Edinburgh Hospital for life-saving brain surgery.

Michael worked for Allied Vehicles in Glasgow before the stroke took place, leaving him unable to work.

Laura Dobbie placed heaps of thanks to the two unidentified men, who she credits as having saved her husband’s life.

She said: “The two men happened to be there by chance – Michael was in the gym and struggling with his locker key.

“These two men had been in the gym. Michael has very little recollection of the incident but thinks they were a father and son and they followed him out and saw him struggling with his seatbelt and phoned an ambulance.

“If they hadn’t acted or if they had left him, Michael could have just slumped over the wheel and that would’ve been it.

"These two men probably saved his life," Laura continued.

"We’ve been unable to track down who these people are in order to say thank you, I’d really like to.”

Laura has also launched a GoFundMe in order to raise money to make several home alterations to make Michael as comfortable as he can be.

Among the changes, Laura would like to buy an electric wheelchair, an elevating bed to help Michael out of bed and install flooring that is easier to walk on.

She added: “He’s struggling with the lack of independence since it happened.

“These changes are all to make Michael a lot more comfortable.

“He’s been completely penned in so when we move to our new house, it’s going to be life-changing for him.

"I'd like to say huge thanks to Marie Komorowska for tracking down this new property for us, it's going to change our lives in a huge way.

“We’ll hopefully get moved in sooner rather than later for him.”

Those wishing to donate to Laura’s fundraiser can visit gofundme.com/f/michael-dobbie-stroke-rehab-and-equipment.