A DEDICATED pet foodbank has opened in the Wee County, aiming to provided support and advice to the Forth Valley area.

Pet Pantry Alva was founded by Emma Osborne and currently operates as both a pick-up service from her home at 1 Cleuch Drive in Alva, and a doorstep delivery service.

Speaking to the Advertiser, Emma explained how the cost-of-living crisis inspired her to open a pet foodbank.

She said: "I started Pet Pantry Alva because we don't have a pet foodbank anywhere local to us, even in Stirling.

"I was doing some research and realised it's not just people who need foodbanks. Pets need food, too, so let's see what I can do.

"The cost-of-living crisis is affecting everybody so badly, and it is making people make some very tough choices.

"I took it upon myself to try and help and now people can come to my house and pick up their food parcels from my garage."

Emma is currently looking for a permanent space to launch her foodbank from and has agreed a deal to operate out of Alva Parish Church alongside the food larder.

She will be hosting a pop-up clinic within the parish church for people to come along and pick up pet supplies and food.

This will be open every two weeks starting from Friday, July 14.

Emma will also be offering support for anyone needing help on how to manage their pet, along with advice for people facing homelessness or domestic abuse and need signposting on how to help their pets in the meantime.

She added: "I want to speak to some of the other foodbanks in villages around Clackmannanshire, so I can, hopefully, make it a bit more convenient for people a bit further out.

"We have no PDSA hospital to help with even just one free vet treatment.

"There are schemes, but in many cases, even those are beyond the means of those worst off sadly, which is most troubling, so I just want to offer as much help as I can to people."

Pet Pantry Alva is available to offer help for all kinds of pets, not just cats and dogs.

The growing enterprise has also received support from Blue Cross and Pets at Home in Stirling.

Emma is available Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday from 10am-4pm for people to stop by her house for a food parcel.

Anyone needing a pet parcel can contact Emma at petpantryalva@gmail.com or message the Pet Pantry – Alva Facebook page.