PARENTS in Fishcross have voiced fears for the safety of their children amid reports of buses and lorries ignoring speed limits.

Residents have complained after several near misses took place on Alloa Road, near to the primary school.

One concerned parent told the Advertiser she was scared to walk around the village after her child was almost hit by a speeding vehicle.

"I've never allowed any of my kids to walk to school alone," she said. "The 20 miles per hour sign flashes but the cars just speed by it.

"My son was crossing the road with his bike and the back of his bike got clipped by a car that was speeding up the road.

Currently, the speed limit around Fishcross is set at 30mph, with flashing signs telling drivers to slow to 20mph as they approach the primary school.

Complaints have previously been raised with Clackmannanshire Council, but the introduction of traffic calming measures in the village have not materialised.

Christine McKie, secretary for the Fishcross Residents Association, has called for the council to implement measures in line with other villages in Clackmannanshire.

She said: "My friend and I had to jump away from the pavement after a lorry missed us by inches.

"They've put traffic calming measures in Sauchie and Coalsnaughton, but Fishcross is once again left out of the loop.

"We would like to see traffic calming in Fishcross and a 20mph limit throughout the whole village. We'd like to see a crossing implemented on Pitfairn Road so parents and children can cross safely.

"It's just a matter of time before something terrible happens, it's a miracle something hasn't happened already."

The concerns have been echoed by Keith Brown, SNP MSP for Clackmannanshire and Dunblane, who called on the council to act.

He said: "Many residents in the area are rightly concerned about this – and having seen it for myself, I too am concerned about this.

"Despite having raised this on several occasions, tangible action has yet to be taken. It's no wonder residents feel that Fishcross is a 'forgotten village.'

"I've contacted Clackmannanshire Council calling for the speed limit in Fishcross to be brought down to 20 miles per hour, in line with the surrounding areas and to implement traffic calming measures in the village.

"I've also written to the police highlighting the problems that locals are facing, asking them to consider further speed enforcement measures in the area."

A number of road accidents have been reported on the main A908 road from Tillicoultry to Sauchie, via Fishcross, with a single-car crash taking place as recently as April.

A spokesperson for Clackmannanshire Council said: "The recent concerns expressed about speeding and road safety in Fishcross are being reviewed at present.

"A range of additional traffic management measures are being considered in the transport service.

"Most streets in Fishcross currently have 20mph limits in place and Alloa Road at the primary school also has flashing signs indicating a temporary 20mph limit applies when in operations."