ALLOA took a trip through time as the prehistoric theme continued in the town to celebrate Dino Day.

Kids headed down to the Alloa Hub to take part in a fun workshop upcycling old t-shirts into a dinosaur stuffed toy.

Staff at the Alloa Hub helped parents and their kids cut out a dino-shaped piece of cloth from an old shirt and helped them mould it into their brand-new prehistoric stuffed toy.

Anthea Coulter, director of Alloa Hub, said she was thrilled to see the turnout of the events and hoped to do more for kids to enjoy in future.

She said: "The series of events have tied in with the upcoming Dino Day and it's really about engaging in family activity.

"We want families to be able to have fun with the kids and enjoy activities together, that's what we really wanted to achieve.

"The uptake of these events for families has been really popular and that's what we really want Alloa Hub to be about."

This event forms part of a wide range of dino-themed events held at the hub throughout July and into August.

Previous weeks have seen kids enter workshops to make their own dinosaur egg and make a paper hatching dinosaur.

There will be three more events before a storyteller comes in on August 26 to celebrate Dino Day in the town centre.

Anthea added: "The evidence is showing us that, since we opened, these family events are proving really popular.

"All of the events have been sold out weeks in advance and we wished that we had been able to put on more.

"We hope to be able to do more events going forward through the school holidays but also through the school week for kids to be able to come in and enjoy."