AN APPEAL has been made to restore a lost voice to a community in the Wee County this autumn.

Through a written request to the local authority, residents in Tullibody, Cambus and Glenochil could begin an election process to re-start the area's community council.

It would ensure the areas have a strong community voice when it comes to planning applications and the development of local plans.

In addition, the group would give residents more powers to campaign on local issues, such as traffic, waste or leisure.

Community councils are consulted on a range of issues by Clackmannanshire Council and other public bodies.

A re-established community council could even put its weight behind the bid to secure land for a football pitch after Tullibody St Serf's FC submitted a Community Asset Transfer request for the long-term lease of Banchory Park.

Commonly referred to as The Coosie, the land previously served as a football pitch but has been out of use for years.

Jane McTaggart, deputy provost, said: “I would encourage anyone in Tullibody, Cambus and Glenochil who is passionate about their area to think about re-starting a community council.

“The council consults community councils about licensing matters and planning applications, but community councils also help to inform councils about opinions and needs in the communities they serve, bridging the gap between residents and local authorities.

“All it takes is one person in your community to ask 20 others to sign the agreement and, once submitted, Clackmannanshire could have its ninth community council by autumn.

“The community council is your voice – I’d urge you to use it.”

Anyone keen to re-establish the community council, the only dormant organisation of its kind in the Wee County, can start collecting names, addresses and signatures of at least 20 supporting residents in the area.

Once a competent request is received, Clackmannanshire Council will initiate an election process to fill the 14 seats available.

The area has been without a community council since October 2021.

The Scheme of Establishment for Community Councils and more details are available at