A COMPOSER from the Wee County has hit the right note with the biggest musical instrument library in the world.

Alva man Paul Jelfs scored another direct hit with one of his compositions when it was picked up by Spitfire Audio, which works with the likes of Hans Zimmer.

Paul's composition Back to where it began will be used to showcase Spitfire Audio's virtual instruments products.

The Alva composer said: “Spitfire Audio have had a massive effect on my journey as a composer over the past few years.

“As a disabled composer, their partnership with @ableartist has allowed me to purchase quality libraries which I could not have otherwise afforded.

“Likewise, being a sponsor of the 2021 Able Artist International Competition, which I won, and providing me with a library of my choice, have all been a crucial part of my growth as a composer.

“It seems fitting that my first ever orchestral library is the original Albion One, which is featured in this piece along with the newer Albion Colossus."

Paul is a media composer and former music teacher working from a home studio specifically designed to accommodate the challenges presented by his disabilities.

His synths, controllers, PC and workstation in general have all been set up within arms-reach to make the creative music-making experience more comfortable.

Spitfire Audio works with the best musicians and composers to create forward-thinking sample libraries, recorded in iconic places such as Abbey Road Studios or Maida Vale Studios – the home of the BBC Symphony Orchestra.