CONNECT ALLOA took part in this year's Big Ideas getaway camp, held by Youth Scotland.

The Clacks charity took a delegation of kids from their group to the event, held at the University of Stirling, for two days of fun-filled activities and team-building exercises.

Connect took along a group of two staff members and eight young people to the annual get-together, giving them an overnight stay as well.

Dave Crozier, the charity's Connect and Grow project leader, said it was a fantastic opportunity for young people to gain confidence around people their own age.

He said: "It's essentially a chance for young people to go and step outside their comfort zone and this is sometimes the first time that they've been away from home.

"It's a great opportunity for them to learn new skills, try new things and engage with new people.

"We took some people who didn't have much confidence but were willing to go and we also took people who are peer mentor level.

"It benefits everyone as it helps the younger kids build confidence whilst some of the older ones can take on extra responsibility."

While the younger people were off having fun, the staff members also held sessions about children's rights and other workshops.

Outdoors sessions were held through the residential visit, allowing the delegation to try to assemble a tent with no instructions and complete a scavenger hunt.

Anyone looking to join Connect Alloa can find contact details on their Facebook page.