AN OSPREY has been released by the Scottish SPCA after he was found trapped in fishery netting.

The osprey arrived at the centre on July 22 unable to fly having suffered a potential shoulder injury after flying into the netting.

The ranger took him to a vet to be checked over before taking him to the Fishcross National Wildlife Rescue Centre to undergo a two-week quarantine.

April Dodds, assistant manager at Fishcross, said: “The 11-year-old adult male osprey came to us last month after flying into a fishing net.

“He was unable to fly but apart from that, he thankfully seemed unharmed.

“He had to undergo two weeks in quarantine due to bird flu regulations, where he was able to rest, eat and receive veterinary care and once that period was over, he advanced to our large eagle aviary to build up his strength and muscles to fly.

“After just under three weeks, he appeared to be flying well and was given an x-ray just to confirm there were no other health issues.

“Thanks to the staff at the centre, the veterinary team and the ranger who rung and found him, he was released back on August 16 back to the borders, at the original nest site where he was born.”

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