A CLACKS yoga instructor has published a self-discovery book to help people gain self-awareness through journalling.

Susan Currie, owner of Optimise Overflow yoga studio in Alva, published Self Discovery Journal in a bid to encourage people to record their thoughts and daily events.

By journalling their day, this will help people gain self-awareness and learn more about themselves, a key factor of a self-care routine.

Susan lists her experience completing the menopause yoga teacher training course as the inspiration for her book.

She said: “Within menopause yoga classes, there is a great emphasis on journalling to establish women’s personal health and behavioural patterns.

“This is something that can provide a better understanding of menopause symptoms when reflected upon.

“At the end of each class, the attendees will have the opportunity to record anything that aligned with them during the practice, as well as how they are currently feeling and anything that they would like to explore further.

“The journal has been designed with a more general purpose rather than being streamlined towards menopausal women – this way, it is more suitable for anyone who enjoys journalling or who wishes to try it.”

The inside of the journal features two pages per entry, allowing people to write down their feelings or thoughts about their days.

For any women wishing to try menopause yoga, Susan will be offering classes from her studio on 65 Stirling Street, where she will also hand out a copy of the journal for free.

The journal is also available to order on Amazon. Classes with Susan can be booked at bookwhen.com/optimise.