A FORMER Wee County postmaster is fighting in appeals court to have his conviction overturned during the Post Office Horizon Scandal.

Robert Thomson, former postmaster of Cambus Post Office, was one of over 700 branch managers across the UK wrongly convicted for theft, fraud and false accounting between 2000 and 2014.

In recent years, it has been revealed that the fault lay on the Post Office software Horizon, which was deemed not to be robust and had caused errors which led to hundreds losing their jobs.

Additionally, many of the sub-postmasters who were sacked from the Post Office were also given criminal records, further hindering their lives.

Now, Robert has joined five other sub-postmasters in fighting against his conviction in the Scottish appeal courts.

His appeal has been backed by Keith Brown, MSP for Clackmannanshire and Dunblane, who pledged full support in overturning his conviction.

Robert said: “We need as much publicity as possible about this scandal.

“We have already lost one person and have all been through enough grief and embarrassment.

“We need justice and I’m glad Keith Brown MSP has taken up this cause for us.”

In England, the appeals process has largely concluded – with any sub-postmasters affected having their convictions repealed and receiving interim compensation.

However, in Scotland, many of those affected are yet to have their convictions overturned. It is believed that this may be due to information which the Post Office currently holds.

Mr Brown has written to the Post Office regarding this case, calling on them to release this information so that appeals may proceed.

The Clacks MSP has also written to the Scottish Solicitor General asking them to exercise any legal powers they possibly can to ensure the Post Office reveals this information.

He said: “The Post Office scandal is one of the most shocking instances of a denial of justice we’ve seen in Scotland.

“I have been in contact with both Robert and the body responsible for the case review in recent months and have been informed that a key part of his appeal progressing further is the Post Office releasing information that it holds.

“I’ve therefore contacted the Post Office to seek assurances that they will soon provide all necessary evidence without delay.

“I’ve also brought this to the attention of the Solicitor General in the hope they can exercise any legal power they can in order to end the denial of justice to those wrongly convicted.

“After more than 16 years, it is important that Robert and everyone affected by this scandal resident in Scotland are able to clear their names.

“They have endured years of legal proceedings, embarrassment and heartache – it is time they are allowed to move on and gain access to the compensation that has already been given to those elsewhere in the UK.”