TWO Sauchie children are enjoying the use of replacement bikes donated to them after theirs were stolen from them.

Kayci and John, who attend Active8 Youth Club, were devastated to lose their much-loved bikes, particularly in the summer weather.

Responding to a Facebook request for help to try and find them, Scott Bamford, active travel coordinator for the Clackmannan Development Trust, stepped in and offered replacements from his stock of refurbished bikes.

Donna McLean, development officer at Sauchie Active8, said: “I appealed to the community on Facebook asking if they had seen the missing bikes.

“After a few days of their mum Natalie and the kids searching, they got one back but it was wrecked.

“When Scott contacted offering to help, we were touched by his offer and everyone was grateful for his generosity.”

Scott and the CDT offer bike repairs to those who would struggle to afford to fix their own bikes and have a range of adult and children’s bikes available on a budget.

They encourage anyone who is needing a quick fix to bring their bike to them for a repair.

Scott commented: “We had some suitable bikes ready to go and we are delighted we could donate them to children from the Active8 Youth Club in Sauchie, who do such a great job.

“It was a shame that the kids had their bikes stolen by thieves and vandals.”

Kacy and John were said to have both been very happy with their replacement bikes.

Donna added: “When we visited the kids, their eyes lit up and were excited at the prospect of having bikes again.

“Scott has offered to repair their sister’s bike too. This highlights the importance and impact of partnership working.

“Their mum, Natalise, appreciated that Scott took the time to adjust the handlebars and seats to make the bikes safe and then the kids were off.

“It means millions to see the kids smile and this is all thanks to the community coming together.”

The CDT has a range of bikes on offer for adults who would like to get into cycling but are unable to afford a second hand bike.

Their cycle training sessions are coming to an end, but Scott and the CDT will be happy to offer support to anyone who needs a hand getting back into cycling.

They also offer a Saddle Up social cycle every third Sunday of the month, departing from the CDT Active Travel Hub.

For more information, contact Scott at

More about the Active8 club at Sauchie Community Centre can be found by contacting Donna on