A CUSTOMER became obsessed with the owner of an Alloa beauty salon where he had his eyebrows waxed.

Delusional Paul Dawson, 44, bombarded the woman with unwanted messages declaring his love for her.

He also sent links to romantic songs and made threats to commit suicide.

Dawson, of School Terrace, Coalsnaughton, appeared at Alloa Sheriff Court by video-link from prison to be sentenced for the stalking offences.

In July, was jailed for assaulting a female police officer in a separate incident with sentence deferred on the stalking.

He previously admitted that between July 16 and August 24, last year, at Perfection, Bank Street, Alloa, he engaged in stalking behaviour towards a woman.

He repeatedly sent her unwanted texts, social media messages and romantic songs, despite being asked not to do so and repeatedly made telephone calls to her despite being requested not to.

The court was told Dawson had been a regular customer at the woman's salon going there to have his eyebrows waxed every three weeks and he added her as friend on Facebook.

In July last year, the woman received a message from him saying: "I would like an explanation for why you are making a fool of me."

He went on: "I've been very pleasant to you. I would like an honest answer."

He continued to contact the woman, declaring his love for her and twice threatened to take his own life.

At a previous hearing, defence solicitor Frazer McCready said his client had "clearly become fixated with this girl and at one stage he perceived they were in a relationship".

He added: "He's isolated, lonely and finds solace in drink. He drinks to excess then commits offences.

"With a drink in him he's a terrible public nuisance."

At sentencing, defence solicitor Charlotte Watt said her client had "quite complex issues" brought on by alcohol-induced brain damage.

She added that he is "keen to get back in the community" and that he has a release date later this month.

Sheriff Garry Sutherland imposed a community payback order with two years of supervision and alcohol misuse counselling.

Dawson is already subject to a three-year non-harassment order preventing him from contacting the woman or entering the salon.