Community Police Officers have been in position outside schools around the Wee County to carry out parking patrols.

Officers conducted patrols during drop-off and pick-up times as kids went back to school over the last couple weeks.

These patrols were put in place to ensure children could get to and from school safely, without being at risk of inconsiderate and dangerous parking.

Officers reported that two parents/guardians had been issued fixed penalty fines for parking on restricted markings around the school gates.

Several other parents/guardians were given suitable advice regarding safe choices for getting children to school safely.

Sergeant Ally Goldie said: “Parking in the restricted areas around the school gates causes a danger to our children, who should be able to attend school safely.

“We will continue these patrols. Please consider this when dropping off and picking up.

“It takes a matter of minutes to park safely, this is a small ask to keep our children safe.”

These patrols form part of Forth Valley Police’s commitment to keeping the roads safe, which they do by carrying out speeding checks.