NHS FORTH VALLEY has launched a fitness challenge this week to celebrate Organ and Tissue Donation Week.

Participants are being asked to sign up to the Race For Recipients, a UK-wide challenge that encourages people to smash certain targets, each with a meaningful message to the cause.

Those taking part can choose to spin, swim, sprint, sweep, saunter, scale or skate to meet targets of 9km, 7000km or 50,000km.

These numbers each have a certain meaning towards organ donation – the first represents the nine lives that can be saved by one donor, 7000 people are currently waiting for a life-saving transplant in the UK while 50,000 people currently live with a transplant in the country.

The health authority has teamed up with Active Stirling to put on the race and is looking for as many people to take part as possible.

Dr Abigail Short, clinical lead for organ donation in NHS Forth Valley, said: “I am really excited about our partnership with Active Stirling in delivering the message about organ and tissue donation to such a wide community and using sport as means of doing this.

“The Race For Recipients is a great, fun competition between health boards and highlights the importance of organ and tissue donation within the NHS and healthcare.

“Last year we had just under 100 racers covering 11,440km over nine days. This year, I’m hoping to go bigger and further with more racers involved."

Race For Recipients starts on Saturday, September 16, at 6am and finishes at midnight on Sunday, September 24.

Register at raceforrecipients.com.