ALMOST one in five adults in Clackmannanshire are current smokers, recently published research reveals.

The study shows that 19.1 per cent of residents in the Wee County were smokers in 2022, up from 16.6 per cent in 2021.

This data means that Clackmannanshire has the second highest percentage of current smokers per local authority in Scotland, second only to West Lothian with 19.4 per cent.

These figures contrast with trends across Scotland, where the national rate of smokers was 13.9 per cent, the lowest level on record for the country.

Sheila Duffy, chief executive of ASH Scotland, said these figures are alarming, particularly due to the surge in health problems as a consequence.

She said: “It continues to be a concern that significant numbers of people in Clackmannanshire are still smoking and experiencing health inequalities as a result.

“Two third of people in Scotland who smoke want to leave tobacco behind and we would encourage people in Clackmannanshire who smoke and are looking for support to give up to contact NHS Forth Valley’s Quit Your Way Service.

“Quit Your Way provides free person-centred support delivered by qualified health professionals which can help people to begin taking vital steps towards a much healthier future by stopping smoking for good.”

Clackmannanshire Council recently supported a national movement for the Scottish Government to ban disposable vapes.

The council cited environmental issues and the popularity of vapes among children as key concerns leading to the decision to support the ban.

Sheila added that ASH Scotland welcome the proposed ban as it will lead to less children being addicted to nicotine and progressing onto smoking cigarettes.

She continued: “We have been alarmed for some time about the upsurge of children in Forth Valley and across Scotland using disposable e-cigarettes so welcome the Scottish Government’s commitment to consulting on proposals that include an outright ban on these health harming, recreational vaping products.

“Young people who use e-cigarettes are up to three times more likely to become addicted and to progress to smoking cigarettes and only a ban would ensure the availability of throwaway health-harming products that have become so popular with children are off the market as soon as possible.”

Anyone in Forth Valley who would like support in quitting smoking can contact the NHS on 01786 or by emailing

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