A CLACKMANNAN woman committed two separate assaults, involving punching her victims, within a three-month period.

Ebony Duncan, 20, of Tower Place, appeared for sentencing at Alloa Sheriff Court.

She admitted that on August 10, last year, at Main Street, Clackmannan, she assaulted a female by repeatedly punching her to the head and body to her injury.

Then on November 9, on a pedestrian path at Mary Wood, between Alloa and Clackmannan, while acting with a juvenile, she assaulted a female by punching her on the head.

Regarding the November incident, depute fiscal Sean Iles said that Duncan and two others were walking together, at around 8pm, when an altercation began.

At first, the fight was between the other two, but Duncan became involved and punched the 15-year-old victim to the face.

Defence solicitor Kelly Howe said: "She intervened initially with the best of intentions. The complainer told hold of her and she reacted inappropriately."

Sheriff Neil Bowie said Duncan had carried out an "unpleasant assault" and then had become involved in another incident where she again punched someone.

He told Duncan: "This sort of behaviour cannot continue or else the court will lose patience with you."

For the first incident, he imposed a community payback order with 18 months of supervision and 180 hours of unpaid work.

On the other latter offence, sentence was deferred for good behaviour until March 14.