WEE COUNTY storytellers will explore what it means to be human when a festival of tales arrives in Alloa this autumn.

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival returns for its sixth year, with a focus on the Right to Be Human – a theme inspired by the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The national festival will go on tour, with its Alloa branch going ahead under the name of Wild Hillfoots Storytelling Festival.

Events will take place on from October 21-27 at the Dunmar Hotel and at the Ladybird Cafe.

Joanne Dowd, of Hillfoots Tales, said: "Come and explore what Being Human means through the medium of folktales and legends from the Hillfoots and beyond.

"This year, on the 75th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we invite you to be entertained by folklore; world stories; Scottish stories and our own favourite Ochil Fairy Tales.

"Most of all we want you to have fun. Yet, within the heart of the stories we hope you will hear about what it is to be human, with an acknowledgement of the rights and respect we all deserve."

Among the tales to be told are The Selkie Bride, inspired by traditional folklore and reimagined by Eleanor Bell, The Wild Swans, by Hans Christian Anderson, and retold by Sue Bytheway.

The Guid Wife 'o Muckhart, The Ferryman, Bessie O' the Bogs, The Fairy King – will also be included, with the local tales retold by Gail Watson, Eleanor Bell, Joanne Dowd, Tania Dron, as well as an original story, Tibbie's Choice told by Heather Kirby.

Eleanor Bell, local storyteller involved, added: "The true magic of oral storytelling is being in a place, in a moment in time, face to face with someone, watching the sparkle in their eyes as they live the story.

"A story is more than the words on a page, then, it is a living thing and you are part of it."

INCOMING: Shona Cowie will feature as guest artist. Picture by Neil Hanna

INCOMING: Shona Cowie will feature as guest artist. Picture by Neil Hanna

The local storytellers will also be joined by an acclaimed guest artist Shona Cowie.

Donald Smith, festival director, said: "Join us at the 2023 SISF on Tour in Alloa as we explore questions and celebrate the Right to Be Human.

"Storytelling has embraced these values from the dawn of culture and stories today can help be more connected to the world around us, as well as our rights, showing us how to be more alive and creative as humans."

For ticket details check the Hillfoots Tales Facebook@hillfootstales or www.hillfootstales.co.uk