THE WEE COUNTY celebrated the welcoming of five new British citizens last week at an official ceremony.

The five were officially made British citizens at the Registration Office, alongside Lieutenant Colonel Johnny Stewart, the king's representative in Clacks.

He welcomed the five as citizens of the crown during his speech, awarding them with a citizenship certificate as well.

Addressing the quintet, Johnny said: “I welcome you all as new citizens of the United Kingdom.

“I know you have all lived in Scotland for some time and so you are now very familiar with the Scottish ways.

“I hope, though, that you will continue to show a special commitment to Clackmannanshire. This is a warm and welcoming place.

“A close community, with a long history and heritage, a great environment – the Ochil Hills looking down on the River Forth – a good place to live, work and enjoy your future.

“Today you are all writing your own small note in our history, by becoming UK citizens at this ceremony in Clackmannanshire.

“I very much hope you will continue to be happy here. As the representative of the king, I welcome you as new British citizens.”

Citizenship was bestowed upon Thi Thuy Dung Phan, Saira Latif, Selma Hasdemir, Zafer Hasdemir and Robert Stair.

The ceremony marks the final step in being awarded citizenship by the Home Office, with each applicant having already completed the language test and all other requirements.

New citizens make an oath to the United Kingdom, pledging full loyalty and commitment.