RESIDENTS are demanding answers after being forcibly evacuated from their flats due to safety fears regarding the roofs more than a month ago.

Tenants and owners of flats on Chapelle Crescent, Park Street and Hill Street in Tillicoultry were evacuated over the past month amid traces of the controversial RAAC found in the roofs.

Since being evacuated, residents have been dispersed across the Wee County, with some living in homeless accommodation or hotels.

It has now been a month since the first block of flats was evacuated, however residents are no closer to finding out when, or even if, they can return to their homes.

One resident spoke to the Advertiser and said they have been told virtually nothing regarding their situation.

They said: “I’ve found the whole ordeal to be very distressing and a big part of that is down to the fact that we are being kept in the dark.

“We’re not being informed about what the council’s plans are. We’ve been out of our homes for weeks now so if the council haven’t come up with a plan now, when will they?

“We were told to get out with less than two hours notice and we haven’t been told much since then.”

As reported by the Advertiser last week, checks are continuing on other blocks of flats in the area to test for traces of aerated concrete.

The council confirmed that engineers will be inspecting other properties in Clackmannanshire that may be affected.

Despite this, the upheaval has proven to be very taxing for residents, who have had to resettle in hotels or homeless accommodation as they await further updates.

“My mental health is very bad at the moment,” the resident continued. “I think we’ve all been affected by it.

“The not knowing is the worst bit. Knowing that I’m potentially looking at losing my flat is very distressing for me.”

Another resident added that their mental health had also taken a downturn as they were settling into their second accommodation since being evacuated.

“We’re all just being treated like dogs,” they said. “We’ve done nothing wrong, we didn’t choose to be in this position.

“How are we supposed to live like this? We were only given less than a day’s notice to leave the building.

“My partner has health issues, I’ve got mental health issues and this situation is only making both of us feel worse.”

A spokesperson for the council said: “We recognise that this is a worrying time.

“This is a complex situation, and we will continue to provide appropriate support and updates when they are available directly to those affected.

“The safety of tenants and residents remains our priority.

"Due to potential safety issues with the condition of RAAC in three buildings in Tillicoultry at Chapelle Crescent, High Street and Park Street, occupants have been served with Section 42 notices under the Building (Scotland) Act 2003 which required them to be immediately evacuated from the building.

“A dangerous building notice was also served under the same Act on the owners, which confirms that the building constitutes a danger and the requirement of those owners to carry out a building survey of their property as detailed in the notice.

“Taking account of individual circumstances, those affected have been provided with support and advice to find alternative accommodation while further details investigations take place, and we will continue to keep them informed of developments.

“Engineers are continuing to inspect other properties in Clackmannanshire that may be affected, and we will keep those occupiers updated as we receive further information.”