CLACKS COUNCIL has shown its support for Humza Yousaf after he announced that council tax rates in Scotland would be frozen for the next year.

The First Minister made the announcement during the SNP conference last week, explaining that Scots were filled with “dread” as bills continued to go “up and up”.

Addressing the party during his keynote speech, Mr Yousaf said: “We can’t stop all the bills rising – but where we can act, we should. I’ve considered carefully what steps we can take to help.

“Council tax bills in Scotland are already hundreds of pounds a year lower than what they are in England.

“I can announce to the people of Scotland that, next year, your council tax will be frozen.”

This decision has divided council areas across Scotland who are looking to seek clarity on what this means in terms of funding.

Many council areas rely on council tax to help them provide essential services, which may already be stretched thin as things stand.

The Advertiser contacted Clackmannanshire Council to hear their stance, with council leader Ellen Forson backing the move while also looking for a further explanation on support for councils.

Ms Forson said: “The level of council tax is set every year at the budget meeting and as such no decisions had been taken in relation to the level of council tax in Clackmannanshire for 2024/25.

“With household bills rising, the council tax freeze will benefit every household in Clackmannanshire, providing much needed financial relief.

“Whilst a council tax freeze will be welcome by the public, councils need to understand the detail that sits behind it and the funding being made available to deliver it.

“However, it is very welcome that the Scottish Government has said that the freeze will be fully funded and I look forward to receiving further information over the coming weeks.”

Meanwhile, local government body COSLA has blasted the move, explaining that they had no prior warning ahead of the announcement.

COSLA released a statement, citing their extreme disappointment at Yousaf’s decision and the impact it has on local authorities.

They said: “The announcement of a council tax freeze as we said yesterday was made completely without reference to local government and there is no agreement to freeze council tax next year.

“The decision to freeze council tax is one which can only be made by councils.

“We deplore the way the announcement was made and its substance, both of which fly in the face of the Verity House Agreement which we all recently signed.

“We will explore the implications arising and what the Scottish Government might propose, but we are clear that local taxation and particularly council tax should be left for democratically elected councils to determine.”