MEMBERS of the Scottish SPCA are urging people in Clackmannanshire to help care for hoglets this autumn.

The National Wildlife Centre in Fishcross has launched an appeal as they currently have 150 hedgehogs in their care.

They have seen around 350 arrivals so far this season, prompting an appeal to ask the public to help by providing food and water for them.

Chris Hogsden, manager of the Fishcross centre, said: “Every autumn we see a wave of hoglets come into our wildlife hospital.

“They tend to arrive in worse condition than at other times of the years, as they struggle more to find food and don’t do well with the change in weather.

“If they’ve not managed to find enough food to get their weight up in time for hibernation, then they need our help through the colder months.

“Members of the public can help hoglets have a better chance of thriving by putting a shallow dish of water in the garden.

“They can also leave out hedgehog food or wet cat food, as long as it isn’t in jelly and is not fish based as this isn’t something in their natural diet.

“People can also help the hoglets already in our care by donating food through the centre’s Amazon wishlist.

“If anyone spots a hedgehog out during the day, we advise you to contact us. Contact our animal helpline on 03000 999 999."

People can purchase food items from the centre’s wishlist at

More info can be found at