An Clackmannanshire charity has a range of free formal wear for young people to wear this festive period. 

Style Options, which currently has appointments available in ACE Alloa, offers free formal wear throughout the year for proms, formal events and festive parties. 

Young people aged 16 to 26 can book an appointment with the charity online and the team will discuss their size and style with them before letting them try on some outfits and pick one out. 

The charity's aim is to make formal clothing affordable for people but also to offer people a more sustainable option.

Nicola Morrison, trustee and head of media and marketing at Style Options, said of formal events: "You probably only wear the dress once and then it goes in the wardrobe.”

The charity has a range of pre-worn items of formal wear but they do have funds to also buy newer outfits, they previously purchased stock from a bridal shop in Dollar.

Nicola said: "We have got some cracking dresses."

By offering free formal clothing, the charity helps to ensure that young people who perhaps would not attend formal events due to financial barriers are able to do so.

“So we basically have a mix of donations and newer outfits we have got over 500 dresses now and they range in sizes from four to 24," Nicola added. 

There are some sizes that the charity has less of than others. Nicola said: “At the moment we are not too bad in terms of stock as we have got a lot in the common midrange sizes, we did not have a lot of large ones or smaller ones.”

Sizes that they have less of are sizes four to eight and 20 to 24.

The charity asks people to return the formal wear if they can so someone else can also use it, but Nicola said: "It’s about helping people who might not have been able to go to the prom.”

The charity will also be running a fundraiser event on Friday, 17 November. The Blingo event will be an evening of dressed up bingo fun at Tillicoultry Masonic Hall. Tickets can be purchased from Style Option's website.