Alloa Athletic had a special visitor at the Indodrill Stadium for last Saturday game against Kelty Hearts when they welcomed 15-year-old Jack Thompson to the ground.

Jack is from Gateshead and has been battling a brain tumour for most of his life, yet he has raised an incredible £145,000 for young people dealing with cancer.

Four months after he was born, Jack was diagnosed with a brain tumour on his optic nerve which left him with poor sight, and he is registered blind. Many of his fundraisers have taken place in, and been associated with, different Morrisons stores and he has worked closely with Young Lives vs Cancer.

Jayne Lindfield, Wasp Community Club Co-ordinator, said: “I’m the community champion in Alloa Morrisons and he came up to visit the store towards the end of last year. He goes round all of them and has done since he was a wee boy, he’s kind of like a mascot for them.

"I knew he really liked football and got him a wee Alloa Athletic teddy bear. I went over to the ground to see if we could get him a shirt and scarf which they did.

“We invited Mike Mulraney (the club's owner) over to meet him and Jack was enthralled with him. Not long after his visit Jack was set to begin more treatment on his brain tumour and Mike told him: 'See when you’re better wee man, give Jayne a message and we’ll get you to a game.'

Earlier this year Jack underwent several rounds of chemotherapy and had proton therapy in Manchester. During this period, he was able to stay in a place called 'Jack’s house'. Morrisons funded the home, and it is named after him. It is a free home for families to stay in whilst their children are undergoing cancer treatment.

Jack recently got back in touch, and he was invited up for the Kelty game.

This wasn’t smooth sailing, though, as Storm Babet got in the way.

Jayne said: “His gran messaged me the night before saying the train had been cancelled but they were going to go to the train station and see what they could do. Because it was two different companies Jack couldn’t get his ticket changed, but after a conversation with the conductor and driver they let him on!”

Once at the game, Jack had a brilliant experience. The Wasps beat Kelty 3-1, which made Jack's journey all the more worthwhile. His picture and a mention made it into the matchday programme, he got pictures with the team and manager, and he received some club merchandise which all made for a great afternoon.

Jayne said: “He obviously can’t see very well but he absolutely loved it. All the players tapped him on the shoulder as they came out which made his day. He was our lucky mascot because we won! A lot of people when they met him were really taken with him because he talks away and is incredibly confident.

“He’s the type of person when you meet him you won’t forget him. He was telling all the players about how he’s jumping out a plane for a skydive. He was really funny.”

Jack has set a goal of hitting £200,000 in fundraising by next year

Jack’s Gran said: “He is a very positive person, and nothing gets him down. He loves to travel and has been all over the country visiting different Morrisons stores. He loves the fact the community champions raise funds for charities that’s how he met Jayne.

"So far, he’s visited 164 stores He loves to meet people and has made many friends on his travels.”