A Sauchie man has given a lecture on the infamous Sauchie poltergeist while on board a cruise ship. 

Local paranormal and UFO expert, Malcolm Robinson, recently gave a lecture on the Sauchie poltergeist during a cruise on the TUI ship, Marella Discovery. At the time the ship was moored in the port of Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Malcolm was invited to give two lectures by radio host Howard Hughes. The second of Malcolm's lectures will be on UFOs. 

Malcom said: “It was a great opportunity to present the Sauchie case to holiday makers on board the cruise ship who had never heard about the case before. Not only that, I believe that I am the first Scotsman to lecture on these subjects on a cruise ship, anywhere in the world."

As previously reported in The Advertiser, the case of the Sauchie poltergeist occurred in 1960 when a young girl named Virginia Campbell moved from Ireland to Sauchie with her family.  

However, Virginia found the move difficult to adjust and soon after strange noises started coming from the bedroom that Virginia shared with her younger cousin Margaret. Scratching noises could be heard and items went missing in the family home. 

Once Virginia became more settled in her home, the poltergeist activity seemingly stopped. 

Malcolm's lectures means that he believes that he is the first Scotsman to give a lecture on UFOs and the paranormal while onboard a cruise ship. 

The cruise took in ports such as Newport, Portland, Boston Massachusetts and Florida in the USA, Saint John, Sydney and Halifax in Canada.  

When he returns to Scotland, Malcolm will be filming with the show, Ancient Aliens, which will be travelling from the USA to Scotland to discuss UFO sightings that have taken place here.