A 59-year-old Sauchie man has been put on a ‘tag’ after knocking out a long-time friend after a drinking session in an Alloa pub.

Andrew Davidson, of Rosebank, appeared for sentencing at Alloa Sheriff Court for the “very nasty” attack.

He admitted that on June 29 at Drysdale Street, Alloa, he assaulted a man by repeatedly striking him on the head, causing him to fall on to the ground and then repeatedly struck him on the head as he lay there, all to his injury.

Defence solicitor Robert Smith said: “He had gone to a pub with a group of friends and there was a considerable amount of alcohol consumed.

“There was banter which got out of hand and one member of the group became aggressive. He was asked to leave by staff.”

Davidson had gone outside and became involved in an altercation with this other man.

The solicitor went on: "Mr Davidson had been followed by him and had a punch thrown at him. What followed was a complete over-reaction and he knows it was unacceptable.

“He was barred from the public house and he’s now abstaining from alcohol.”

Sheriff Neil Bowie told Davidson: “This was a very nasty assault in a public street and resulted in a number of 999 calls being made. I understand the complainer may have been a friend of yours for years.

“This behaviour was totally unacceptable, totally over the score and rendered the man unconscious. Custody is a live consideration here.”

Instead, the sheriff imposed a community payback order with one year of supervision and a restriction of liberty order for 220 days.