PUBLIC EXHIBITIONS offering an insight into plans to build a wind farm in the Ochil Hills with the capacity to power 75,000 homes will take place next week. 

The second round of exhibition events will give the public an opportunity to see the latest draft proposals for the Windburn Wind Farm. 

If approved, the Windburn Wind Farm Project would see 15 wind turbines with a capacity of up to 72 MW.

It would be located approximately 3.3km north of Alva, 5.2km south of Blackford and 5.6km east of Greenloaning. 

Should the project be granted, Wind2 and Octopus Energy Generation have also committed to providing a community benefit fund equivalent to £5,000 per MW. 

With the estimated 72 MW capacity of the wind farm, this would work out at £360,000 in the community fund per annum, and assuming an operational lifespan of 30 years, this would mean that up to £10.8 million could be invested into local projects over three decades.

A total of four exhibitions will take place, including one in Alloa, and will provide further information about the proposals, how they have progressed since June and a visualisation of how the wind farm will look if the proposal is accepted. 

After, members of the public will be asked to provide comments and feedback on the proposal as a part of the consultation process. 

Members of the Wind2 team will also be present to answer any questions. 

The first public exhibition will be held on Monday, November 13, from 3pm to 7pm, in the Tommy Downs Room at the Alloa Town Hall.

Further events take place in Dunblane, Braco and Blackford.

For more information on the Windburn Wind Farm project, visit the project website.