AN ALLOA businesswoman has bagged two prizes at the first-ever Magikats Principal Awards. 

Carol Ferguson attended the Magikats annual conference last month where the inaugural award ceremony took place and left with the title of both Principal of the Year and Most Contributions on Workplace. 

She started up her franchise, Magikats Math and English Tuition Alloa, almost five years ago, and in that short period of time has conducted her business in an award-winning way. 

Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser: Carol and the other Magikats Principals at the annual conference.

She told the Advertiser: "I got The Principal of the Year and that’s because I scored consistently well over all of the categories and most of my students are long-term enrollment - I don’t have a high turnover.  

"Not only did I get Principal of the Year, but I got the first-ever Principal of the Year."

The Magikats Tuition Centres across the country were judged on a number of categories, including Highest Growth, Longest Enrolled, Most Supportive principal, Most Reviews Gathered and Most Creative Social Media Content. 

Carol and her team scored well across the board. 

She continued: "I was really chuffed to get it, because being a business person and starting out yourself, you have your ups and downs.

"Life’s a bit of a roller coaster so that was a wee bit of a moral boost."

But Carol believes that it was a team effort and that she couldn't have done it without her "mentors" who work alongside her to provide her tuition workshops. 

Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser: Magikats Alloa's awards.

She thanked Mariann, Kaitlin, Molly, Suzanne, Abbie and her administration assistant Catriona for their stellar work, and added: "We’d achieve nothing without the great staff that we’ve got."

For more information on Magikats Alloa, visit their website.

To inquire about tuition reach out to Carol via email, messenger or by calling the centre on 01259 404118.