A CLACKS MP will has put himself forward as a frontrunner to vote for a ceasefire in Gaza.

The motion will be brought to members of parliament in Westminster on Wednesday, November 15, with John Nicolson voting in favour of the ceasefire.

The SNP are attempting to bring the issue of a ceasefire to a vote in the House of Commons and are appealing to MPs across the House for support.

Mr Nicolson told the Advertiser he had been inundated with concern on the issue from voters across Clackmannanshire.

Speaking on the issue, John said: “I have never had such a full mailbag in all my time as an MP. People are distraught by the death of innocents and they are witnessing in Gaza.

“Almost everyone who has contacted me from the area – and there have been many – supports a ceasefire.

“It is abundantly clear that there is no military solution to this conflict however much extremists on both sides wish to see one.

“Peace will only come through negotiation.

“Voters in my constituency have been asking for me to support the motion, and to vote tomorrow for a ceasefire. I promise you all that that is exactly what I shall do.

“I have been visiting Palestine and Israel for decades as a journalist and now as an MP and I am heartbroken at the loss of innocent civilians we are all witnessing.”

The SNP has 43 MPs in Westminster, out of a total of 650. Therefore, for the motion to pass, the party will need the votes of other parties as well.

Mr Nicolson added: “Tomorrow is an opportunity for Labour MPs in particular to stand up for their principles. I hope they’ll be brave.

“We have to stand up for international law. We have to stand against the collective punishment of the Palestinian people.

“We have to speak for the thousands that have already died, and do what we can to protect the lives of those still stuck in the Gaza Strip.

“I hope we will be united in our support for our Jewish and Muslim communities. Both communities have seen an upturn in racist, Islamophobic and antisemitic abuse and bigotry directed towards them.

“I deplore all such thuggery.”