AN ALLOA author held an event at the Speirs Centre last week as part of Book Week Scotland celebrations in the Wee County.

Robert Ferguson welcome a big crowd to the public library as he talked through his recent publications and teased future releases.

As reported by the Advertiser in September, Robert recently released A Collection of Short Stories and a novella entitled God Bless You, Charlie Budge.

Robert entertained a crowd of around 40 attendees, including local historian Malcolm Robinson, at the Speirs Centre on Tuesday, November 14.

He said: “I had about 12 stories or short stories that I had published and I discussed them at the library.

“I went into detail on how I had started writing and showed them snippets from my books, I played an audio file about a ghost story set in Glasgow.”

Robert is currently working on his next release, a serial killer novel entitled Johnny Lollipop, set for release in April.

“I’m going to make it a trilogy,” he explained. “It’s going to be a police crime drama set in Glasgow but it’s not about the police.

“It’s not about Taggart or Laidlaw, it’s more about the city itself and the darkness within it, so to speak.

“I’m working with a retired DCI in Glasgow and a historian who are both helping me with details on what Glasgow was like in the 70s.

“If any reading clubs in the area are looking for a local author, I’d be delighted to come in and help out.”

The event was organised with the help of Ian Keane, public librarian for the Speirs Centre, who said it was a delight to welcome Robert in to talk.

Ian added: “It was a success, he completely blew everyone away and we hope to see Robert again.

“For someone who is so relatively unknown, he really punched above his weight and drew in a good crowd.

“The feedback from everybody was fantastic, which we forwarded onto Scottish Book Trust. One person told me that they wanted to read more books as a result.

“If this is how he is now when he’s just starting then he is really going to mature into a must-see.”

Robert's books are available to purchase on Amazon.