ALLOA TOWER was lit up last night as local school children got on their bike to launch a short film.

The pedal powered cinema offered visitors a unique experience as pupils from Alloa Academy projected the images onto the exterior of the historic building.  

The film showcases the ShapeChangers project featuring young people creating a series of artwork based on their local surroundings.

It was created by Harrison Barnes, Isobel Conlan, Meja Paulauskaite and Olivia Ritchie.

The talented Academy pupils were assisted by Reachout With Arts in Mind and Sustrans, with the works set to be displayed along the National Cycle Network.

The artists used clay to bring elements of local heritage and wildlife to life, drawing inspiration from stags, birds, intricate textures and Alloa’s architecture.

Lesley Arthur, executive artistic director at Reachout With Arts in Mind, said: “We are ecstatic to be empowering local young minds through this public art commission along Alloa’s cycle paths.

“This project will not only beautify our community but also foster a profound sense of ownership and creativity, forging a brighter path towards a vibrant, inclusive future.”

ShapeChangers aims to transform active travel experiences, making walking, wheeling and cycling more enjoyable for everyone.

The project is funded by the Scottish Government and administered through Sustrans' Scotland’s Art and Diversity programme.

Bruce Phillips, network engagement coordinator at Sustrans, said: “ShapeChangers is all about helping young creative people change the way we experience outdoor spaces.

“It’s exciting to see these students take on the task of temporarily transforming their local travel routes on the National Cycle Network.

“Young people are the future, and it is vital that they can help shape the places they live.

“We hope this will encourage more young people to discover and use their local routes on the National Cycle Network.

“Travelling independently is a great way to improve young people’s mental and physical health.”

Find out more about Reachout With Art in Mind here.