TWO women who carried out an "unimaginably brutal" assault on a stranger in the street - to the danger of their victim's life - have been branded "animals" in court.

Caroline Gray, 42, and Jessica Stevens, 31, "jumped" their victim after she had left a pub.

No reason for the attack has ever been given.

They kicked and punched a 39-year-old woman as she curled up in a ball on the ground to protect herself.

CCTV showed them knocking and pulling her to the pavement and repeatedly seizing her and dragging her around.

Footage played in court showed the pair appearing to return to the attack up to five times, delivering blows and kicks to the victim's head and body as she lay on the pavement and on the road itself.

Prosecutors initially said the whole sequence of attacks lasted 15 to 20 minutes. It was eventually accepted the actual attacks lasted over 10 minutes.

The victim told police the accused "just jumped on her" after she left the pub, in Alloa, forced her to the ground, and began kicking and punching her.

The incident occurred in Mill Street, Alloa, around 9pm on February 8 last year.

Despite the prolonged nature of the attack, the woman escaped with bruising, a black eye, and traumatised nasal bones suggestive of an non-displaced fracture.

Gray and Stevens, both of Gaberston Avenue, Alloa, accepted their victim could have been killed, pleading guilty to a joint charge of assault to injury and danger to life.

Lawyer Corrine Wilson, for Stevens, said the attack was not planned.

She said: "She tells me she has to live with this every day of her life."

Grazia Robertson, for Gray, said: "Her state of intoxication with various substances means she has little recall of what happened."

At Falkirk Sheriff Court yesterday (Tuesday, December 5), Sheriff Maryam Labaki jailed Gray for 21 months and Stevens for 19 months.

She told them: "You've pled guilty to an unprovoked attack on a stranger.

"A witness described you as acting like animals, punching and kicking your victim as she lay on the ground, assaulting her to the danger of her life.

"This attack was quite frankly sickening - unimaginably brutal. You returned to your victim numerous times to inflict further violence.

"This was inexcusable behaviour. It will not be tolerated. The general public require and deserve to be protected from both of you."

 Stevens looked shocked as she was led to the cells. Gray showed no emotion.