KIDS at a Wee County primary school came together to use their knowledge of the local surroundings to create a fantastic art display.

Primary 5 pupils from Redwell PS worked on their Great Alloa Tapestry, inspired by the Clackmannanshire Tapestry held in the Alloa Hub.

Their hard work has been rewarded with their display now being showcased in the Alloa Hub for the rest of the year.

Sarah Black, primary 5B teacher, said: “Inspired by the Clackmannanshire Tapestry that hangs in the Alloa Hub, our STEM teacher Mrs Smith worked with both P5 classes at Redwell Primary School to create our own tapestry.

“The children investigated items to represent Alloa, such as buildings, wildlife or features of the landscape and used repurposed fabric to draw or sew them.

“Our amazing learning assistant, Margaret McQueen, collated them into our Great Alloa Tapestry. This tapestry can be seen at the Alloa Hub for the next few weeks for visitors to admire."

The Alloa Hub opened in December, revamping an old block of toilets on Shillinghill into a vibrant space to celebrate the town’s history.

A key feature of the hub is the Clackmannanshire Tapestry – a five panel visitor attraction which details the story of the Wee County.

The tapestry celebrates the area’s industrial and creative history, with panels focusing on the Paton family, mining, glassblowing, brewing and weaving.

The kids’ own Alloa tapestry will focus solely on the town, complementing the original display nicely.