THE Wee County Santa is getting into the volunteering spirit this Christmas and is encouraging others to do the same. 

Gordon Guthrie started transforming into jolly Saint Nick during the pandemic in order to bring a little Christmas magic to The Wee County, now, years on he is still wearing the big red suit and spreading cheer to those who need it most. 

He told the Advertiser: "I started doing the Santa stuff during COVID when I realised that the communities were suffering.

"We started taking donations for local charities and I just felt that it would be a good idea to give something back.

"I didn't set out with the ambition of being a volunteer or a charity fundraiser it just developed and it's grown arms and legs since the early days of COVID."

During the year Gordon also holds Whiskey tastings and has made donations worth hundreds of pounds for organisations such as The Wee County Mens Shed, Love in a Box, and The Ochil Mount Rescue. 

The funds raised through the Santa fundraising events all go back into supporting local kids. 

He continued: "One of the charities I went to help this year was Kids Out and basically they took kids from Stirling and Clackmannanshire and gave them a full, fun, packed day out at Stirling Rugby Club. 

"I thought this was tremendous so that's the charity I'm raising for this year."

Gordon joined The Rotary Club of Alloa around 18 months ago and he praises them for really "opening the doors" for him in terms of volunteering. 

He encourages anyone who may be looking to help out and give back to the community to start there. 

Gordon added: "The easiest way to volunteer, look at your local rotary club and see what activities they've got because we're always looking for volunteers or contact the Citizens Advice Beuro and find out from them where volunteers are required.

"Everybody is looking for help but my main ethos, even when I did the Whiskey tasting, is to keep it in Clackmannanshire so that whatever we raise stays in the County.

"It's the County people that's donating so that's my main thing, keep it local and volunteer locally."

More information on the Rotary Club of Alloa can be found here.

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