Sound Production Students at Forth Valley College recently got the opportunity to talk with a rock star.

Alien Ant Farms’ bass player Tye Zamora was interviewed by the students online. The event was organised by lecturer Barry Frame.

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Barry Frame said: “Alien Ant Farm were huge in their day in the early 2000s and made it to stardom through their cover of Michael Jackson’s song Smooth Criminal, which was a number 1 hit and has an impressive 300 Million views on YouTube.  Tye and I spoke about his early career and what his influences he had growing up.  We also spoke about his time in Alien Ant Farm and also discussed a 2001 gig on the Green in Glasgow.

“We also spoke about why he felt he had to leave the band and why they decided to release Smooth Criminal. Tye also answered a few questions from Sound Production students on the day.

"All in all a great interview which gave a great insight into the music industry that students are going to find very useful - I think staff would really enjoy it too.”