A WEE COUNTY woman who has spent over a quarter of a century treating older people to days out in an effort to combat loneliness among the elderly has announced her retirement.

Dorothy Anderson had devoted one day a month for 27 years to taking a group of elderly people on a day visit around the country as part of her work with charity Re-engage.

Re-engage, formerly known as Contact the Elderly, aims to reduce social isolation in old people by organising events such as tea parties or activities.

Now, Dorothy has taken her retirement, closing the door on over two decades of invaluable work with elderly people.

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She was treated to a tea party by members of the charity and those they support, a fitting tribute to a woman who has helped improve the lives of older people in Clacks and beyond.

Speaking to the Advertiser, Dorothy said it was a lovely final afternoon tea and was looked back on the work she has been involved in.

“The afternoon tea was lovely,” Dorothy said. “We went to Dunmar Hotel and it was really special.

“Some of the hostesses came from very far away. I’m going to miss all these afternoon teas, I’ve been to over 1000 of them in my life.

“I’ve met so many wonderful people and some of the hostesses have been doing it for more than 30 years.

“We have around 197 years between us in my group, so it’s been an amazing group to be involved in.”

Dorothy has spent most of her life working with various charities, including the Samaritans, and said she enjoys being able to help others.

While retiring from the afternoon teas and outings, Dorothy will continue to be a recognisable voice on the phone a friend scheme, which sets up an elderly person with a caller to ensure they have somebody to talk to.

Dorothy added: “I’ve got plenty other things to be doing so it’s probably for the best that I retire now.

“I still do telephone befriending as well, so I’ll still have plenty to do and still be able to support people that need it.”

For more information on Re-engage and the work they do, visit reengage.org.uk.