PANTO season in the Wee County was in full swing last week as Spotlight Theatre put on their festive show.

Residents in Clacks turned out in their numbers to be thoroughly entertained by Spotlight’s production of Dick Whittington.

Audiences were left in hysterics at the end of the superb show, with Rhona Stark, production team member and cast member, delighted with feedback.

“It went really well,” Rhona told the Advertiser. “We feed off the audience, especially the kids.

“During our first show, we had boys brigades, scouts and everyone there and it was a fantastic opening night.

“The rest of the week, the shows just got better and better. We’ve had loads of positive feedback from the crowds, a lot of stuff on our Facebook page and a lot of people reaching out to us.

“The main thing is the kids and the cast had a ball of a time and that’s exactly why we do it.”

This year’s Spotlight panto was focused on Dick Whittington, a show about the titular character who travels to London to make their fortune and meets a whole host of funny characters along the way.

Spotlight held their shows in Alloa Town Hall from Wednesday, December 13 to Sunday, December 19, entertaining the packed venue from start to finish.

Dick Whittington was played by Caitlin Smith, who also serves as the company choreographer for Spotlight.

Rhona continued: “Some of our cast is in the show with their own kids, so there’s a lot of family connections at the company.

“It’s a real family show, for both the audiences and for us and it’s been so much fun.

“People have left loads of positive reviews on our Facebook page and a lot of people stayed behind to speak to the cast afterwards.

“Normally, that’s just friends and family members but we’ve had plenty audience members sticking around just congratulate and thank us.”