A TULLIBODY author has put pen to paper yet again as he released his ninth book, just in time for Christmas.

Don Green, who writes under the pseudonym Don Galloway, has published and released the latest book in his acclaimed Time Ryder series.

This book, subtitled Sisterhood of the Veil, will mark a return to Don’s main series, after he released a prequel book in May.

Speaking to the Advertiser, Don said he was excited to release another Time Ryder book and looked forward to sharing the story with reader.

He said: “This is a continuation from the last book – the planet exploded and when they try to go back in time, they end up in the Roman Colosseum.

“There’s some mythology about the Sisterhood who started in Roman times and progressed through the centuries as well.

“Plenty twists and revelations from other books start to come to light which is tying the other books in quite nicely.

“I’m excited to release this one, particularly for the Roman time period, I think it’s quite interesting.”

Don also announced he has changed publisher, with Sisterhood of the Veil and future releases now being published through Kindle.

The author added he is delighted with this change, which will allow readers to purchase his books for cheaper.

He added: “I’m very happy with this new publisher, the books and font sizes are a bit bigger so it’s better for everyone.”

Sisterhood of the Veil is out now and can be purchased on Amazon or ordered through bookstores.