INSPECTORS from Education Scotland have praised the council’s Community Learning and Development (CLD) service after a recent visit.

The authority visited the service and met with learners, community representatives, CLD leaders, managers, staff and volunteers.

Their report highly praised the leadership at the CLD, highlighting a clear focus on improving outcomes for learners with strong links to schools.

They went on to add that learners of all ages are supported well to gain skills for learning, life and work.

Inspectors noted that staff are a key part of the Family Wellbeing Partnership (FWP), which in turn is strengthening partnership collaboration and engagement with communities.

Praise was laid for their partnership work with Columba 1400, which has engaged a significant number of learners, practitioners and senior leaders in value-based leadership activities.

The Wimpy Park Community Group, who, under a 25-year lease from the council, has redeveloped a walled garden space for children, was cited as a strong example of community members delivering a large scale infrastructure project that is benefitting the wider community.

The report added this was “an interesting example of a council and third sector interface working well to support a local community group to take forward a development.”

Councillor Graham Lindsay, spokesperson for education, said: “I am delighted that HM inspectors have highlighted that good progress is being made by the council and its partners in the delivery of our CLD plan.

“W remain committed to building on the work that’s already been done, and will continue to focus on our priorities to ensure we continue to deliver the services which best meet the needs of learners of all ages across all of our communities.”