KIDS from Alloa primary schools got to enjoy brand new climbing towers at Wimpy Park, as they were officially opened by the Community Group.

Council representatives and pupils from St Mungo’s and Park Primaries attended the launch event on Tuesday, December 19 to open the new play equipment.

Mark Mitchell, vice chair for the Wimpy Park Community Group, was delighted to unveil the new equipment and thanked a range of sponsors for making it a reality.

He said: “We put the designs on Facebook and to the local primary schools so that the kids were involved in choosing how the towers looked.”

“Eight kids from St Mungo’s and eight kids from Park Primary, Ian McDonald and Ellen Forson from the council came by to help launch the new towers.

“We want to reiterate this park is for the kids, everything we do is for them, it’s not for us and we hope they enjoy it.”

“Without the help we’ve had from the council, we wouldn’t have the park we’ve got.

“They’ve helped us and guided us through every step of the way, so a big thanks goes to Clackmannanshire Council for the support they’ve given us.”

Money for the new equipment was provided to Wimpy Park by the National Lottery’s Shared Prosperity Fund.

It is a massive improvement to the Wimpy Park, which hosts various kid-friendly events throughout the year.

Mark went on to add that since taking over the space in 2017, he has been thrilled with the committee’s progress.

“When we started in 2017,” he continued. “we all had memories of the park but it was lying dormant and was a wasteland.

“We wanted to get some play back in and the kids and parents really enjoy it. So many people come into the park just to enjoy the space.

“It’s been fantastic and went much further than I ever thought it would, and it’s only going to get bigger and better.”