An Alloa man failed to stop the car he was driving when told to by the police.

As a result, 31-year-old Dean Bruce, of Ashley Terrace, appeared at Alloa Sheriff Court.

He admitted that on October 16 at Kelliebank, Alloa, he drove without insurance and as the holder of a provisional licence he drove unaccompanied and without ‘L’ plates.

He also failed to stop for a police officer when required to do so.

Depute fiscal Sean Iles said that at 2.50am a police patrol car activated blue lights signalling Bruce to stop but instead he drove off at speed. After a time, police decided to abandon the pursuit but Bruce was later traced.

Defence solicitor Michael Lowrie said: “The car wasn’t his. He had received a call from a friend asking him to take his child to hospital.

“It would have been better, in the cold light of day, if an ambulance had been called.”

Sheriff Garry Sutherland endorsed Bruce’s licence with six penalty points and fined him £640.