Residents of Clackmannan were treated to a Christmas walk featuring Shetland ponies this festive season.

The walk was organised by Alloa resident Nicola Roy, whose family and friends featured in the walk wearing festive attire. The stars of the walk were the three Shetland ponies: Blue, Alan and Toffee.

Sid, another Shetland pony, was also meant to join in but sadly he couldn’t make it.

Nicola said she organised the walk “to spread some festive cheer around Clackmannan and get the ponies out doing something, like obviously some exercise and getting them used to doing things like this".

She continued: "I think we’re going to start doing this every year now and adding in maybe like Halloween walks and stuff like that, gives them a wee job to do.

Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser: Children who came out to see the ponies got some Christmas treats too.Children who came out to see the ponies got some Christmas treats too. (Image: Images // Eastern Goodwin Media ©2023)

“And it was nice to obviously use the festive period as well because that’s when a lot of people come together and we are needing to raise some funds to fix up our yard as well, so we just kind of pieced it all together and created a festive walk out of it.”

The stroll raised £51 for a community project, fencing for the stables. This crucial funding will contribute significantly to enhancing the safety and security of the facility.

The walk provided some festive entertainment for the residents of Clackmannan and the ponies became instant stars.

Nicola added: “We were very grateful and things like that especially for the amount of donations we totally didn’t expect that whatsoever.”