PARENTS are reminded that enrolment for children starting school for the first time will open next Monday.

Any child who has their fifth birthday before February 28 2025 is now of statutory school age and may start education in August 2024.

Now, enrolment will open on Monday, January 15 for pupils to start school when the 2024/25 session takes place.

Parents can provisionally enrol their children at their catchment schools using the online form available from the Clacks Council website.

An application form must be accompanied by the child’s birth certificate and two documents as proof of residency, one of which must be a council tax bill/child benefits/tax credits letter.

Enrolment for Redwell Primary will open on Monday, January 15 and run until Monday, January 29. For further information, phone Redwell on 01259 452212.

More information can be found at