ALLOA has emerged as an unfortunate front runner for the title of ‘the most soul-destroying place' in Scotland, according to an online poll.

People are being asked to nominated “soul-destroying” towns in the UK in the hunt for the most “depressing” place to live.

As reported by the Mirror, 153 areas in Scotland, England and Wales are on the shortlist, with participants encouraged to add any other towns they feel deserving of consideration.

On the list, Alloa joins around 10 Scottish places in the poll, run by town reviews site

At the time of writing, Alloa currently sits at 39th place in the UK poll, holding 0.69 per cent of the overall vote.

Alloa is currently ranked the second most soul-destroying place in Scotland according to this list, pipped to top spot only by Aberdeen, who sit in third place in the UK overall.

A statement by iLiveHere said: “Bland, boring, soul destroying mediocrity with a gaping cultural void.

“That is what our new poll is about. This year, we are ditching the usual suspects to focus on those towns throughout this septic isle that give you an almost terminal case of ennui.

“The towns where you just exist rather than live.”

A full list of the towns proposed and details on how to vote can be found here.