SIXTEEN primary schools across Clackmannanshire do not have life-saving defibrillator equipment on site.

According to a freedom of information request put forward by the by Scottish Conservatives, there are 1,062 Scottish schools lacking the potentially crucial piece of equipment, with 16 of them being in Clacks.

The FOI did reveal that all secondary schools in the Wee County did have them installed, but concerns were raised in that the vast majority of primary schools did not.

Alexander Stewart, MSP for Mid-Scotland and Fife, commented: “Whilst I heartily commend the positive approach taken by Alloa Academy & St Mungo’s PS, Lornshill Academy – which possesses four units – and Alva Academy, plus Tullibody South Campus, I am deeply alarmed that 16 of our primary schools across Clackmannanshire are still without a defibrillator of any kind.

“The Scottish Government must urgently get a grip of this matter. If it is a funding issue, they must stump up the money needed for councils to install defibrillators in all schools.

“We know that defibrillators greatly increase the chance of survival from cardiac arrest so the importance of these devices, especially close to sport halls and playing fields, cannot be overemphasised.

“The SNP should immediately follow the lead of the UK Government and commit to installing defibrillators in every Scottish school as soon as possible.”

The number of schools in Scotland without a defibrillator is likely to be higher, as the Tories confirmed that six of the country’s 32 local authorities did not respond.

In England, the UK Government committed to installing a defibrillator unit in every English school by the end of the last academic term.

Defibrillators are devices that apply an electric charge to the heart to restore a normal heartbeat. If the heart rhythm stops due to cardiac arrest, a defibrillator may help it start beating again.

Clackmannanshire Council confirmed installation of defibrillators may be considered during refurbishment works.

A spokesperson for the council said: “All three of our academies have defibrillators installed.

“Most of the defibrillators within our primary schools have been installed through parent councils, however, not all primary schools have these.

“It is likely that consideration will be given to the installation of defibrillators within new build schools and refurbishment works.”