THREE new groups have launched at The Gate charity, aimed at encouraging and promoting people to be more social.

The Gate has announced they will be running a women’s crafts group, a men’s space group and a public speaking group.

The women’s crafts group will run on Tuesdays and costs £2 to attend, which will go to covering start up costs.

The groups have been conceived by Alisha Thomson, resilience building coordinator, at The Gate.

“We’ve got a few groups that we’re starting up,” Alisha said. “The women’s crafts group is designed to be a space for women to socialise.

“We had quite a few people tell us they felt quite isolated and they expressed to us that things like crafts, painting and knitting was something they’d be interested in doing.

“This one does cost, it’s a £2 payment for expenses. This is a weekly group and started yesterday.”

The men’s group will be provided by the Alloa Men’s Social Group, an organisation that has recently launched to provide men with a space to socialise and chat with other men.

The Gate has offered up their café space on Thursdays from 7pm-9pm for anybody who wishes to head down and chat with other like-minded guys.

This group is free and can be attended every Thursday. This group is aimed at men who are 30 years or older. More info on this can be found at the Alloa Men’s Social Group Facebook page.

Lastly, the free public speaking group will focus on interview skills and confidence, running on Thursdays from 10am-11am.

All of these groups will be held at The Gate on Ludgate.