A WEST Fife councillor has been named as the SNP election candidate for the Dunfermline and Dollar constituency.

Naz Anis Miah has been officially confirmed as the man the nationalists want to stand for the newly formed parliamentary area in the General Election to the UK Government this year.

The Dunfermline South councillor was endorsed by his local party members and will now attempt to retain the Westminster seat - albeit with slightly different boundaries - which has been held by Douglas Chapman since 2015.

Fellow councillor Brian Goodall had previously been selected to contest the seat but he withdrew in November due to concerns about health and being able to do his duties as a Rosyth councillor. 

Elected to Fife Council in 2022, Cllr Anis Miah said he has worked tirelessly to help local people and recently helped organise a Christmas appeal for Dunfermline Foodbank, which saw the community come together to raise over £700 for the charity.

He said he had also seen first-hand how vulnerable individuals and families are grappling with ongoing financial challenges.

"Every day, I hear from constituents struggling with the harsh realities of the cost-of-living crisis," he said.

"Like them, I am resolute in my determination to see a transformative shift towards improved living standards.

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"For too long, the voices of the Scottish people have gone unheard in Westminster, and we are now suffering the consequences of the governmental shortcomings of the London parties.

"Austerity, Brexit, Boris Johnson’s pandemic mismanagement and Liz Truss’ mini-budget have all inflicted real harm on local families.

"As we enter 2024 with an increase in the energy price cap, the grim truth is that more Scots will be pushed into fuel poverty.

"Soaring food prices will leave parents struggling to provide for their families, and the dwindling number of first-time buyers, the lowest since 2013, is leaving many unable to climb the property ladder.

"Westminster's inaction has given rise to these issues, allowing them to escalate with devastating consequences for people across Scotland.

"While the SNP government continues to help struggling families, they are doing so with one hand tied firmly behind its back due to the limits of devolution.

"I am committed to standing up against this harmful status quo and doing all I can to shield the residents of Dunfermline and Dollar from the continued misery imposed by Westminster.

"At the same time, I will be making a positive case for independence, with compassion, equality, and prosperity serving as the cornerstones of my values and the bedrock of our nation."