THE former Cambus sub-postmaster who lost his job in the Post Office Horizon scandal has had his wrongful conviction quashed.

Robert Thomson was falsely accused of embezzlement in 2006, just one of hundreds of Post Office employees around the country whose lives were ruined.

His appeal was due to be heard on February 1, however, court officials confirmed the case was dealt with administratively on Wednesday, January 24, making Robert a free man at last.

Speaking with the Advertiser, Robert explained he couldn’t believe it was finally all over for him and his family.

“I am totally emotionally drained,” Robert said. “I can’t believe what has happened over the past 48 hours.

“I’m glad it’s all over, really pleased for my wife and two boys, we can finally go about with a smile and lift our heads high.

“It’s not really sunk in yet, it will take a couple of days but to get that phone call from my solicitor yesterday was a lot of pressure off my shoulders.”

As previously reported by the Advertiser, Robert detailed how is life had been affected since being falsely accused.

He had been unable to get bank loans, find other jobs and had been ostracised from his local community, who all believed he was a thief.

Robert also spoke of the depression he felt, even going as far as attempting to take his own life.

Unfortunately, Robert’s mother had passed away after hearing about the embezzlement charge and did not get to see her son walk free.

Robert’s case was backed by his local MSP, Keith Brown, who vowed to fight for him in Scottish Parliament.

With the launch of the recent ITV documentary 'Mr Bates vs The Post Office' detailing the scandal, the case has been looked at with fresh eyes, with both the Scottish and UK governments bringing in legislation to exonerate those affected.

Mr Brown said: “It is simply great news that at long last my constituent, Robert Thomson, has had his wrongful conviction overturned.

“Like many people, I was shocked by this scandal when I first heard of it – but the most shocking thing of all is how long it has taken for those wrongly convicted to get those convictions overturned, their name cleared, and be awarded compensation.

“I know that Mr Thomson has been fighting this for years, and my team and I have been supporting him in this for months, ever since being contacted by Mr Thomson earlier last year.

“I’m glad that at long last, Mr Thomson has had his conviction overturned, and I hope that compensation will be forthcoming – and I look forward to hearing of more of these false convictions being overturned across Scotland.”