Organisations in Clackmannan have come together to create a new community action plan and to discuss how they can continue to improve Clackmannan, Kennet, and Forestmill.

Clackmannan Development Trust, Clackmannan Community Council, and Coalfields Regeneration Trust have been working with each other on an updated community action plan, and this was launched on January 24 at an event in Clackmannan Town Hall.

The majority of the event consisted of discussion between members of different organisations and groups. Each table in the hall was focused around one of the action plan’s five themes. These were all chosen because they were highlighted by member of the public. They included movement, spaces, resources, civic, and stewardship.

Attendees moved around each table so everyone had a chance to discuss each issue and give their suggestions on what could be done to improve it.

Josh Thornhill, from The Conservation Volunteers, also gave a short talk to the hall. The Conservation Trust work to connect people with green spaces to help them build new skills and to protect our natural environments.

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During his talk, Josh explained: “Nature doesn’t stop at a local authority or council area.”

Attendees were able to take a free tree home with them to plant, and Josh said that when it comes to trees: “We need to plant now, and we need to plant in the right place.”

He also explained some of the work that is currently being done in Clackmannanshire by Forth Climate Forest. This is a project being run by the University of Stirling which aims to plant 16.4 million new trees across Stirling, Clackmannanshire, and Falkirk over the next ten years.

The event had a very good turnout and attendees got the chance to interact with other organisations and offer their support.

On the theme of stewardship, the discussion mainly focused around the state of the Black Devon, which is contaminated. To demonstrate how dirty the water is, the table had a little glass jar which contained some of the river’s mine water.  

Pete Goodsir, chair of Clackmannan Development Trust, said: "We were very pleased to see such a great turnout for the launch event. The Action Plan was very well received and everyone who came along turned up ready to engage with discussions about how we move forwards from here. It was a real demonstration of the power of partnership working."