WEE COUNTY clubs have received grants issued by the Clackmannanshire Sports’ Council, recognising them for their hard work in promoting physical activity.

Over the past few months, a number of sports groups and clubs across Clacks have been awarded funding to support a range of projects.

These include Hillfoots RFC to support their rugby camps, Alloa and District Rifle Club to support coach development, Alloa Saints FC to cover first aid courses and Clacks Cricket Club to support game development.

A grant was also made to Sandra Mitusch to assist her in competing in athletics at an international level.

Paddy Sherrard, chair of the Clackmannanshire Sports’ Council, explained that while they were not officially part of the council, they work very closely to promote sport.

He said: “There’s a bit of a misnomer with our title, in that while we work very closely with the council’s Sport and Leisure Service we are not part of the council.

“We’re an organisation where the sports clubs within Clackmannanshire can connect with each other and develop by learning from each other’s best practice, as well as assisting clubs and individuals with grants.

“It’s always good for an organisation to look at its rationale and constitution and we propose changing our name and becoming a charity.

“If you would like to be involved in the consultation, please visit our website at clacks-clubsport.com.”

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Nominations have also now closed to celebrate the Wee County’s sporting heroes for the past year.

The awards, organised by the Clackmannanshire Sports’ Council, aim to celebrate the best sporting talent across the area throughout 2023.

Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser: The categories for Clackmannanshire Sports Awards this year.The categories for Clackmannanshire Sports Awards this year. (Image: Clackmannanshire Sports Council)

Alongside the top talents, the stalwart volunteers running sports clubs in Clacks will also be recognised.

This year’s awards will take place at Alloa Town Hall on March 21, with people across the Wee County voting for the athletes and sports clubs who have impressed them the most.