AN ALVA lecturer has released a new book, aimed at helping Generation Z achieve their long-term goals.

Steven Reynolds has published 'A Waste of a F***ing Life', which is designed to give young people the tools they need to make decisions for their future.

Speaking on his new book, he explained that he was inspired to write it to help youngsters combat the challenges they experience in their lives.

Steven said: “This generation has been faced with some unique challenges.

“They’re poorer than their parents were, can’t afford to move away from home, faced lockdown interruptions to their education, insecurity, assaulted by a torrent of social media, are anxious about climate change and global threats.

“It’s as if they’re paralysed by indecision and can’t move forwards. Perhaps it’s not surprising that many don’t know how to go about achieving their goals.”

Steven’s book contains 13 chapters which contain information, practical exercises and checklists.

Sections in the guide will provide young people with help on how to manage their time, advice on how to bounce back from rock bottom and tips on how to banish negative thinking.

Steven added: “If you’re unhappy and aren’t sure how to change your life, facing a problem or just stuck in a rut, you can follow the steps to help you move forward.

“It can’t tell you what you want, but it can give you the guidelines to map your own future.”

A Waste of a F***ing life is available now on Amazon and Lulu in hardback and paperback at £24.99 and £16.99 respectively.